Washington Crossing Park Association

The Washington Crossing Park Association of New Jersey (WCPA) works to preserve, enhance and advocate for the park and the history it represents. The Association strives to educate citizens and enrich their quality of life through knowledge and exposure to the park.

About the Park

The Washington Crossing State Park of NJ is the site of one of the most important events of the American Revolution—the Christmas Crossing of 1776.

Originally preserved for its historical significance, the park is also well known for its trails and wildlife habitat. It supports an interesting assortment of plants and a splendid variety of spring and summer wildflowers. Among the most notable species of wildlife are whitetail deer, fox, raccoon, great-horned owl, screech owl, red-tailed hawk, red-shouldered hawk and Eastern bluebird. The park is popular for picnicking and, in the winter, for cross-country skiing.

You can visit the park's official state website here, or download a map of the park here. You can also visit our Meetup site to learn about and register for events and activities at the park!